Osmanthus Oolong

Osmanthus Oolong

Our Osmanthus Oolong is a very consistent tea, and maintains a sweet and pointed floral flavor across a very wide range of water temperatures.  Whole osmanthus buds impart sugar cane sweetness to the liquor, while the base tea recalls verdant and nasal gardenia.  The dulcet flavors and forgiving steep are qualities that allow us to strongly recommend to both seasoned tea veterans and newcomers to the world of high quality tea.

Steeping Instructions:

Prepare 3 grams of tea leaf (slightly less than a teaspoon) per 100ml of water(about half a cup).

For the first two steeps, 93°c water for no longer than 60 seconds will provide plenty of flavor.  From the third steep onward it is fine to add up to thirty additional seconds per steep.  This should provide between four and six re-steeps depending on the quality of the tea.  For larger vessels (teapots of over 500ml) re-steep potential is usually lower.

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