High Mountain Oolong Tea From Taiwan | Mountain Tea

  • Our Wushe garden in Nantou, Taiwan elev. 1500m

  • Readying the leaves for withering

  • Inspecting for quality

  • Indoor withering

  • Spring Harvest date unknown

About Mountain Tea

We are growers, makers, and merchants of fine high mountain oolong tea.  We're devoted to great tea and have been growing award-winning oolong teas since 1987.

It is a story of pride, passion, and perfection.  Of our family's vision and determination to make the world's best oolong tea.  In 1987, after searching far and wide for the best soil and climate, we planted our first tea trees in the heart of Nantou, Taiwan at 1500m above sea level.  Over 25 years later, we have remained family owned and our teas are still winning awards all over the world.

We care about our customers, which is why we work hard to serve you and provide you with the best oolong tea.

Tea is not just a business to us, it's our lives.  We take pride in crafting high quality oolong tea the traditional way and use methods passed down from generation to generation.  Every tea we offer is hand picked at its peak flavor and hand processed using time-honored artisan methods.   A true reflection of the passion, integrity, and innovative spirit we have for quality tea. READ MORE ›