Golden Daylily Oolong Tea
Golden Daylily Oolong Tea
Golden Daylily Oolong Mountain Tea
Golden Daylily Oolong, 2019 Mountain Tea

Golden Daylily Oolong

Grown at 1,500 meters above sea level, our 2023 Golden Daylily Oolong (JinXuan in Chinese) is one of several teas that originates in Taiwan.  The breed of plant is famous for mild, deep flavors.  We crafted this tea using very little oxidization, in the style that is most popular in Taiwan right now.  Expect fresh, verdant flavor, with a touch of rice-like sweetness on the tip of the tongue. 

We suggest using slightly more dry tea leaf (4 grams per 100ml) and steeping using lower temperature water for a longer period of time.  Using a standard gaiwan, we found 85-87c for two to three minutes produced a mouth-watering liquor.  Golden Daylily is a great oolong to enjoy either alone or paired with a meal.

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