Jade Oolong Monuntain Tea, 2020 (翠玉)

Jade Oolong - 翠玉

While “Jade” is often used as a popular name for green teas and green oolongs in general, it is also the name of a cultivar developed in Taiwan.  Called CuiYu—green jade—in Chinese, this tea is known to deliver bold floral flavors across a spectrum of steeping temperatures.  Because of this forgiving nature, we recommend Jade for tea lovers that enjoy experimenting with their brew, sometimes using lower water temperature for longer, or adding hot water for a quick sixty second steep.

We prefer to steep at 90c, standard for unroasted green oolongs, for two to three minutes.  This produces a fragrant pale green-gold liquor with exceptional clarity.  Common flavors noted include camellia and wisteria flowers.  Expect the floral flavors to be a bit nasal, contrasting nicely next to grassy fresh, slightly vegetal notes on the lower side.  Jade Oolong is a versatile tea, able to hold its own as a tasting tea or accompanied by a meal.


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