Medium Roast Osmanthus Oolong

Medium Roast Osmanthus Oolong

Our Medium Roast Osmanthus Oolong has a delightful taste of caramel and osmanthus with hints of coffee and cacao.  Masterfully roasted for over a week until rich honeyed flavors and floral fragrances developed, then blended with Osmanthus flowers.

Many of the roasted oolongs you'll find today are 'qing xiang' or 'light fragrance' style, popularized by Taiwanese tea makers, which favors a light, floral aroma.  This oolong was roasted in-house by our very own tea master; it's an homage to the traditional style of tea making.  To develop a deep, rich character, we roasted this tea over the course of 9 days, for a total of 144 hours.  This slow roasting gradually caramelizes the natural sugars within the tea and imparts body and layers of complexity.  

Steeping Instructions:

Prepare 3 grams of tea leaf (slightly less than a teaspoon) per 100ml of water(about half a cup).

For the first two steeps, 95°c water for no longer than 60 seconds will provide plenty of flavor.  From the third steep onward it is fine to add up to thirty additional seconds per steep.  This should provide between four and six re-steeps depending on the quality of the tea.  For larger vessels (teapots of over 500ml) re-steep potential is usually lower.

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