Green Jin Xuan Oolong (金萱)

Green Jin Xuan Oolong (金萱)

Jin Xuan is also known as Milk Oolong for its milky fragrance and taste. This crop is medium bodied and tastes of sweet cream/milk, peaches, and biscuits. While edible flavoring is sometimes added to Jin Xuan tea to accentuate the milk flavor, this is most often done with lesser-quality, low altitude tea. This particular crop contains no flavoring or additives. 

Jin Xuan was created in 1981 by Taiwan's Tea Research and Experimentation Station under the experimental code name 2027.  It was popularized because of it's golden liquor, buttery mouthfeel, and overwhelming notes of sweet cream.  Good for 4+ infusions.

Other names: TT #12, var. 2027, Jing Xuan, Milk Oolong, Jing Hsuan, Gold Lily, etc. 金萱茶王
Water: 85°C

Brewing Instructions
Jin Xuan is known for its creamy flavors but only proper brewing techniques will bring out those notes.  Lower temperatures produce notes of sweet cream; higher temperatures bring out more floral qualities.

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